We use a proprietary technology Appage for building up apps. All users need to know is the basics of HTML and then use less than 20 Appage controls to devise their own apps, or to modify the apps activated from ourDB. And those Appage controls are just some tags which manipulate the data stored in ourDB. To make an analogy, building up apps in ourDB is just like using LEGO bricks to compose any objects as we like - we use Appage controls to build whatever apps we can imagine!

The following apps are already in place in ourDB:

And a lot more are coming...

With the above apps,

  1. Bear in mind that Appage is a technology for devising apps for business or organization use; for programming games or for scientific use requiring super-computing power, contact us and we may custom-build the solutions for specific usage
  2. Any users can just sign up as ourDB users and use them for free if not exceeding a limit
  3. Yet the apps listed above are just some examples - users can use and learn from the apps how to create new Appages on their own
  4. Referring to the online help, users can modify the Appages come with the apps so that they really fit the requirements e.g. change the captions of some input fields or change the logics how to retrieve data from ourDB databases and present them in a more comprehensive way
  5. Users can even integrate all the above apps into a single one big app
  6. Unlike other platforms only for developers, ourDB Appage liberates all users to build their own apps from scratch with much much lower learning curve
Last updated/reviewed: 2019/05/13