Integrating Google Maps and Geocoding API into Web Solution - Users can search the social enterprises SE by major categories, their locations, and by keying in the SE key information like name, mission, contact etc.
And using mobile devices, users can locate themselves and find the nearest SE on the map by integrating Google Maps API ...

Fullness Social Enterprise Society FSES is a Hong Kong based organization advocating social enterprise SE movement, connecting with more than 200 social enterprises and non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong. Since 2012 every November to December, they have been launching a campaign Tithe Ethical Consumption Month TECM, enouraging the public to allocate 10% of their total consumption spending on buying goods and services from social enterprises, as a means to help under-privileged groups engage in the society.

Since 2013, mindVan Connection has been making use of ourDB Appage technology to build the website for TECM. And starting from 2017, they extend the usage of ourDB by building up an SE directory with the below features:

Proposals for the future:

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Last updated/reviewed: 2017/10/12