With You Out-Patient Escort Services - With the support from Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) through The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Good Seed Programme, a mobile app for frontline care workers has been developed to enhance their workflows

With You is a social innovation service provider focusing on professional escort services for out-patient visits and outdoor activities, assisting frontline care workers in some routine tasks, e.g. go outside for banking, shopping, etc. With ourDB as the core platform, a mobile app has been developed, allowing frontline care workers to record the whole service workflows, including work logs, medical instruction by medical staffs and other follow-up information.

The system lays a strong foundation for other field service providers or NGOs to optimize their operations by designing their structured yet flexible workflows using the backend admin console, and then using the data captured during the field services, the organizations management can better plan their resources and optimize their operation workflows, and at last better services can be offered to the beneficiaries.

In 2016, the project was supported by Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) through The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Good Seed Programme.

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Last updated/reviewed: 2018/02/01