Welcome to mindVan Exhibition Stand RISE HK 2018 - Our major product ourDB is an agile platform to design databases and corporate apps...

mindVan ourDB ─ an agile platform to design databases and corporate apps

All together, solutions running on ourDB always can be extended in terms of functions for different scenarios within short cycle by lay users.

Who are using ourDB?

Swiss Army Knife Victorinox HK, China runs their after-sales customer services system on ourDB to line up 20+ of their specialty stores in Greater China to better serve their clients

Pacific Casualty & General Insurance allows end-users to fill in and submit their oversea or inland insurance proposals online by building their app on ourDB

With You Out-Patient Escort Services, with the support from The HK Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, built their mobile app on top of ourDB to enhance and guide the workflows of frontline social workers

And a lot more...

To know more, go to ourDB, watch our demo videoscontact us or leave us a message.

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Last updated/reviewed: 2018/07/09