Demo on Designing Website using Appage - This demo uses a real case to show how to use Appage to design a website or a web app, from a design template, to a site integrated with content management features

If finding database tables or QuickApp too simple and not meeting their requirements, users may make use of ourDB advanced features - Appage. Appage is a technology very similar to scripting page languages such as ASP, PHP or JSP, but here in Appages some proprietary control tags are used to manipulate the data stored inside ourDB database tables.

In this set of videos, we will show how to a real case, from a design template, to a website or a web app capable of dynamic content management...

  1. Turn a Design Template into Web App/Site demo +
  2. Make a Dynamic, Data-driven App/Site by Variables, Data-lookup demo +
  3. Use Database and Query to Render Grids of Information demo +
  4. Use Query to Display Dynamic Information demo +
  5. Make Use of Self-Lookup Column for Nested Grids demo +
  6. Apply Query-tables to Represent Different Kinds of Information demo +
  7. Programme Javascript with Database Records demo +
  8. Curate Contents Using Tags and Parameters demo +
  9. Refine Web App/Site with External Resources and Permissions demo +
  10. Gather Users Feedback by Workflow Management demo -
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Last updated/reviewed: 2019/03/15