Below are our major clients whom we have built a long business relationship and are recurrently using mindVan services.

Pacific Casualty & General Insurance

An insurance underwriter specializing in providing coverage to relocation agents and freight forwarding companies who transported domestic goods and personal effects in Asia. With ourDB in 2017, they started to allow end-users to fill in and submit their oversea or inland insurance proposals online through their affiliate packers in Asia, and the packers can manage their proposals also online.

Finish A Simple Task

Using ourDB as the platform, set up a freelancer marketplace where businesses can find IT, graphic design, audio-visual production, copywriting and translation professionals starting from HKD 499 (within at most 2 hours). From businesses or freelancers sign-up, to services payments and freelancers match-up, and finally the task management process - everything is implemented within the same environment. In the first 2 years, on average more than 40 professional jobs per month were successfully completed under the platform.

Thinkaholic Co-working Space

With ourDB as an integral platform, built a website with 1. enquiry form with workflow management 2. membership sign-up with email and Facebook 3. event calendar 4. event sign-up and payment integration 5. hot-desk check-in/out system with membership integration 6. electronic direct marketing (EDM) and web content integration - all with back-end content management system.

Fullness Social Enterprises Society FSES, Tithe Ethical Consumption TEC

FSES is an NGO advocating social innovation movement in Hong Kong, networking with more than 400 social enterprises in HK. Their annual campaign Ethical Consumption Month starting from 2012, have been encouraging the general public to buy products or services from social enterprises or fair trade suppliers, and have booked a record of cumulative consumption spending of over HKD 10 million in 2016 Nov-Dec. mindVan efforts since 2013 are to help them 1. build their websites 2. set up an electronic direct marketing (EDM) system which integrates with the websites contents 3. build an online directories so that the public can more easily find the nearby social enterprises - all under ourDB.


Developed a proprietary business intelligence (BI) solution data ETL (extracting-transforming-loading) for one of the bus companies in Hong Kong where 350 million MySQL and PostgreSQL records are being processed daily, 24 hours x 7 days

See the case of MySQL & PostgreSQL Data ETL for more information

Built an Oracle resilience solution with multisite replication for a Juniper MX RADIUS server, provisioning subscribers and accounting data for a Hong Kong major network operator

See the case of Oracle Database Deployment & Management for more information


Set up IT infrastructure and ERP Semiramis for the world largest titanium manufacturer's Beijing branch and supporting their ERP operations

See the case of VSMPO for more information

Victorinox Greater China

Acting as the major IT solution provider, offering services from daily information technology IT professional services to mission critical systems implementation

See the case of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife for more information

Hour of Power

A Christian TV channel, managing their members and donation information using ourDB since 2004, and regularly sending them e-newsletters with ourDB's EDM (electronic direct marketing) features

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Last updated/reviewed: 2016/11/16